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From the outside in...or from the inside out...
We bring books to life...and life to books!

It has been said there are three paths to immortality:
Plant a tree. Raise a child. Write a book.

We can't help you with the first two, but if you are at all interested in number three — writing a book — you've definitely come to the right site.

Whether your book is currently a 200-page manuscript...a series of audio files or transcripts...a bunch of notes scribbled on cocktail napkins and scratch pads...or just an idea you've been toying around with for a few years... we will help you bring it to life.

It's YOUR dream. It's OUR obsession. It's not really an exaggeration to say that books are our life. Few things are more satisfying to us than helping authors realize their dream of creating a book.

We are NOT a publishing company,
a literary agency,
a printer, or a book manufacturer.
But we do just about everything else.

We are experienced ghostwriters and editors. We will write your book completely from scratch, working from your concepts, outlines, notes, and any other material you have. Or... we'll edit or completely rewrite your existing work...and/or "doctor" it if it really needs serious help. We'll do as much or as little writing as you need.

We won't abandon you once your book is written. If you're self-publishing, we can design and lay out the interior of your book, as well as the cover (including writing all copy, scanning and placing author photo, and producing the bar code). We'll aid you with getting your ISBNs and Books In Print listings if you need assistance with that. We'll help you find the best printer for your book, and "hold your hand" through the process. We'll also help you with the basics such as getting your book on Amazon, and setting up a Twitter account and a blog to promote your book. And although we don't specialize in marketing and promotion ourselves, we can direct you to people who can help you in these areas.

Or, if you'd rather approach an agent or trade publisher, we can create a proposal/query package for you.

And if you'd rather keep all your options open, we can design and lay out your book and write your proposal. We've done that for several clients.

We are not an "author mill." We're not a huge company that processes hundreds or thousands of self-published books a year, with negligible attention to "details" such as editing and design. We only take on a few big projects at a time so we can give lots of personal attention to our authors.

We're not biased (well, not too much). We're very serious advocates of independent publishing, but are extremely supportive of clients who wish to place their books with a trade publisher. Contrary to what you might have heard about self-publishing advocates (and believe us, the discussions about trade- versus self-publishing get quite impassioned at times), we don't think one form of publishing is any "better" than the other. They are simply two different business models, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. (For more about that, see here.) Bottom line: We will do everything we can to make your book publishable, whether you intend to be the publisher or you have your heart set on Random House.

And yes, we do e-books as well as "p-books." We admit it: we love the smell and the feel of a newly-printed book. (Or a fine old leather-bound volume, for that matter.) But until and unless our technological civilization collapses, electronic publishing is here to stay. We're excited about its possibilities and hope you are too. Currently we create e-books as securable PDFs, but are diligently working to expand our list of formats. (And if you want to create an audio version of your book, and/or auxiliary audio and video products, we can hook you up with people who do that too.)

We're glad you found us.

Maybe you had to scroll a while to find us, as we haven't paid for one of those coveted top spots on the search engines. But we think you'll find our site worth the extra effort. Even if you don't hire us, we believe you will find lots of useful information here about writing and publishing, as well as links to even more information.

On the following pages, you will find out more about who we are and what we can (or can't) do for you. Thank you for visiting our web site, and we hope to be able to help you realize your dream of creating a book soon.
~ Ron Kaye & Connie Schmidt

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